Marinas and Waterfronts, Worldwide.



Edgewater is a leader in sustainable marina and waterfront design and development. Utilizing a collaborative approach, Edgewater creates mixed-use developments that are beautiful, functional, and financially feasible. We offer a unique team of professionals in architecture, civil and marina engineering, landscape architecture, environmental science, biology, survey, real estate development, and finance. Our expertise covers every facet of feasibility, design, development, and engineering.


As a design and development firm our team members collaborate on every aspect of a project, going beyond imagining what a project could be, to developing plans that can actually be financed and built. Whether working along the Florida coastline, the Great Lakes of Michigan, or around the Globe, the innovative team at Edgewater recognizes that waterfronts work best when they’re fully integrated into the communities they serve. Our bottom line approach to sustainability ensures that projects are environmentally sound, aspirational in vision, and financially sustainable in execution.

Edgewater Resources was founded with the goal of helping communities and landowners enhance their waterfronts, with a focus on planning, design, and engineering solutions based in economic reality. Our combined background in design and development allows us to build partnerships between municipalities and private developers that make the most of each opportunity. We go beyond imagining what a marina or waterfront could be and develop plans that can actually be financed and built resulting in projects that achieve measurable economic benefits for the larger community.

Global Experience, Delivered Locally.