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Led by industry trailblazers and award-winning talent, Edgewater Resources is a leader in sustainable coastal and waterfront design and engineering.


We specialize in creating, transforming, and protecting environments found on either side of the water’s edge, building on its natural strengths to identify projects that foster long-term economic prosperity. With a single team of experts, we provide expertise in every facet of feasibility, design, and engineering.


Whether working along ocean coasts, inland seas, or the shores of the Great Lakes, our team delivers durable and dynamic solutions based in economic reality to every corner of the world.

As a globally conscious firm, we are committed to socially responsible design.


We ensure our plans are sensitive to the environment, integrating designs with the natural elements and are mindful of material reuse. We leverage the latest technology to bring to life innovative, resilient, and efficient solutions that produce long-lasting results.

From international luxury resorts to the marina down the street, Edgewater Resources creates meaningful designs that are environmentally sound, aspirational in vision, and financially sustainable in execution for municipalities and private developers across the world.

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