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Director of Development

Ron Schults, PE is recognized as one of the most notable waterfront and marina development experts in the world, and often speaks on the topic at national and international conferences. His combined passion for community development, coastal engineering, and sailing inspired him to focus on projects that help preserve our waterways and sustain the economic growth and vitality of waterfront communities across the United States and around the world. Both his experience and relationships have facilitated successful results on highly complicated and controversial projects, nationally and internationally. His seasoned real world knowledge of civil, construction, and marine engineering provides him a unique understanding of projects on all levels. Edgewater Resources, with Ron leading the team, has partnered with development teams and facilitated financing for multiple successful waterfront developments valued in excess of $150 million, and applies this real world experience on behalf of clients and community partners who are working to create responsible waterfront development projects. This knowledge, coupled with his passion to tackle any project challenge, has enabled Ron to be instrumental in the growth of Edgewater Resources to the level it is today.

Sustainable Waterfront Development

Community Development

Coastal & Marine Engineering

Construction Administration

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