Edgewater Resources helps brands, developers and communities create destinations that are aspirational in vision, environmentally sound, and financially feasible in execution. We work with clients and communities to build on their natural strengths, identifying and implementing projects that foster long term economic prosperity within a context of social, environmental, and economic sustainability.


As a globally conscious firm, we are committed to socially responsible design. 


We ensure our plans are sensitive to the environment, integrating designs with the elements, and incorporating and protecting the natural habitats and resources of each site. We use the latest technology to create and execute state-of-the-art, efficient designs that produce lasting results






  • CLARB Certified

  • State of Colorado #0001154

  • State of Florida #66669988

  • State of Michigan #3901001548

Michael Meyers, PLA,

specializes in the planning, design and implementation of complex guest based projects from rural land to dense urban and high end hospitality developments.  He’s partnered with hundreds of clients and over a dozen brands to deliver authentic experiential environments.   



The planning and design of today’s hospitality and highly amenitized projects require a detailed process with the highest level of expertise and professionalism. Our team has partnered with dozens of hospitality clients to deliver unique and meaningful designs that meet objectives and leave lasting guest impressions.


Our multi-disciplinary team works together to create creative solutions that meet ever-changing industry challenges. Applying a collaborative approach, we combine creativity, innovation, authenticity, and the natural environment with market demand and economics to create resilient environments that meet client objectives, maximize project value, and create meaningful guest experiences.


Our team utilizes a forward-thinking approach to create urban design plans that are adaptive and flexible to the evolution of their environment. We collaborate with developers, builders, city leaders, and stakeholders to develop dynamic and engaging spaces that are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable and promote positive change for those who live and work in the communities we create.



We specialize in the planning, design, and implementation of sustainable built marinas and urban waterfront environments. Applying a collaborative approach, we combine science, art, design and technology to deliver beautiful, functional and financially feasible marinas and waterfronts based in economic reality. These foundational principles guide every aspect of our work, allowing us to go beyond imagining what a project could be , to developing plans that can actually be financed and built, resulting in projects that achieve measurable economic benefits.