Edgewater Resources helps brands, developers and communities create destinations that are aspirational in vision, environmentally sound, and financially feasible in execution. We work with clients and communities to build on their natural strengths, identifying and implementing projects that foster long term economic prosperity within a context of social, environmental, and economic sustainability.


As a globally conscious firm, we are committed to socially responsible design. 


We ensure our plans are sensitive to the environment, integrating designs with the elements, and incorporating and protecting the natural habitats and resources of each site. We use the latest technology to create and execute state-of-the-art, efficient designs that produce lasting results



518 Broad Street

Suite 200

St. Joseph, MI  49085

269 932 4502


2001 North Federal Highway

Suite G204

Pompano Beach, FL  33062

954 400 1401


434 S Yellowstone Drive
Suite 203
Madison, WI  53719

608 716 3128